NY 292
NY 292
NY 292
NY 292

Composite Squadron

NY 292

"Black Sheep"

How to Join CAP Squadron 292


Show up at the unit Headquarters Thursday evenings at 1830 (6:30pm civilian). You will be given the cooks tour and shown around, introduced to key Cadet and officer members, and the evening events will be generally explained. You may stay for all or part of the evening.

Learning about being a member


a formal presentation of the Civil Air Patrol, its history, mission, and program for cadet and officer members will be given, with ample time for questions and comments. This will include an explanation of the membership process, how a new Officer and Cadet will be phased in, and how the person begins as a cadet or officer to learn the ways of CAP.

An offer to attend at least three meetings with no obligation is extended to all.

Any questions are answered.

In the case of Cadet members, an invitation to the parents or guardian to explain the program and their responsibilities is made before the third meeting.

The second and third meetings include the prospective cadet and officer in the formations, general briefings, and in the case of cadets, some drill, classes, and activities. For prospective officers, a discussion process is begun to "fit" the skills brought to the organization to the needs we have.


If the person wishes to join, applications are handed out and with the proper fee, membership is official. You can review the official rules for membership at the National CAP Site.

some CAP activities