NY 292
NY 292
NY 292
NY 292

Composite Squadron

NY 292

"Black Sheep"

Squadron 292 patch

The Emblem chosen for the Broome-Tioga Squadron reflects our Past and our Future. The colors and symbols tell our story...
The color Gold represents Honor.
The color Silver represents Purity.
Blue represents the sky in which we fly.
Green represents Peace or Harmony.
Black represents Conflict.

The story of our unit unfolds thus:
Our heritage begins with the Army Air Corps, represented by the Star and Red circle. Our Customs, Courtesies, Insignia of Grade, and our first uniform all come from the past. The Air Corps flew in Blue skies during major conflicts, represented by the three diagonal bars, or Ramparts. They divide a time of War from a time of Peace. They are bordered in Gold - we fought with Honor.

Notice the Squadron is identified within the conflict - we began during the War, and notice also that Peace begins during the conflict and continues.
In this time of Peace, our mission is threefold, represented by the three Silver Stars; Emergency Services, Aerospace Education, and The CAdet Program. Our missions are Pure in nature, and benefit the community in which we live.

The scroll is Gray, from the Gray Skies prior to our founding, and it contains the Purity of our Motto:
"Audentes Fortuna Juvat"
"Fortune Favors the Bold"

History of Broome Tioga Squadron of the Civil Air Patrol

Squadron 292

Civil Air Patrol came to Binghamton, New York, on July 10th, 1943 when a unit made up of local people was assigned to the "First Courier Command". The Triple Cities Squadron was set up to ferry key personnel and important war material between area production plants. In those days, the unit was headquartered at the Reserve Center in Hillcrest

Old photo

Prior to the war, many pioneering aviation companies called Binghamton home, including Link Industries, where in 1934 Edwin Link saw his product "The Blue Box" finally accepted, soon turning out trainers at the rate of one every 45 minutes for the Army. After the war, there was a brief business decline, but the company's fortunes took off again in the 1950's with new military and civilian work. This next generation of simulators was much more sophisticated, with analog computers simulating the latest radio and navigation equipment.

Prior to World War II, Engineering Research Company (ERCO) designed and produced the famous Ercoupe-a single engine, two-place, low wing airplane of metal construction. During World War II, the firm began producing airborne equipment such as turrets, propellers, and radar antennae. After World War II, ERCO reached a peak production of 34 Ercoupes per day, and a total of 4500 planes were produced in 1946. In the same time frame, the General Electric Company was building electrical systems for military use, and the International Business Machine Company produced bombsights, rifles, and engine parts.


As the community changed from war to peace, the role of CAP changed to Search and Rescue, and in the early 1960's, the Cadet program began to include young adults in leadership training. It continued to grow, using the Army Aviation Study Manual as a textbook on aircraft, until in an evolving growth, it became the Aerospace Education Program we know today. The Binghamton unit was headquartered in the West End Armory and for many years, flew missions from the Endicott "Triple Cities"Airport (once managed by Edwin Link).

Over the years, the unit split, one group remaining at the Armory and carrying the old unit Charter, NY-189 and a new unit, Squadron NY - 292 - formed to serve the western part of the County based at Endicott. Both units enjoyed growth and mission success, with many lost aircraft "finds" and a number of natural disaster missions.

Moved to Our Current Home

With new National unit organization, and the introduction of new unit charter numbers, Squadron "NY292" remained at what was to be Tri-Cities Airport for many years. In 2004, the Endicott based Squadron moved to the Greater Binghamton Health Center Campus, where The Broome Tioga Composite Squadron NY-292 resides today.

Finding downed aircraft

The unit has over 70 members and is growing. The Emergency Services portion of our program has grown and now has a ground team ready to respond to tasking. The Cadet program continues to develop Americas Youth to become Leaders of Tomorrow, and the Binghamton unit has produced Cadets that have gone on to serve in the Armed Forces, Colleges, and Business and Industry. Recently, a Squadron Cadet received an appointment to the United States Military Academy at West Point. The Aerospace Education Program has given many young people their first exposure to aviation, and has produced pilots and even a Meteorologist from the local area.

Visiting with the Blue Angels

The unit stands ready to provide services to the local community.